Balancing on site


Balancing on site


                                     For over 10 years, Pikoasur works on site to achieve

                                     the balancing of all types of rollers.


                                     Two balancing methods on site are possible :

                                      -on machine

                                      -off machine.

Equilibrage sur site2

Balancing of a dryer on site.


                                      Balancing of rolls directly on paper machine :

                                      The cylinder rotation is performed by hydraulic or

                                      electric motors (Pikoasur has 4 hydraulic motors

                                      and 5 electric motors).


                                       Our 3 balancing machines allow performance on            

                                       multiple cylinders at once, thus reducing response



                                       Balancing of rolls on site, off machine :


                                       Once the rollers are out of the machine, they are

                                       positioned on our balancing layer.

                                       Our 3 benches allow balancing of pieces of only a            

                                       few kg up to 17 tons (dryers, straight rolls, suction


Equilibrage sur site 3

Balancing of a straight roll on site.

Equilibrage sur site 4

Balancing of an aluminium roller                                         Balancing of a dryer