Calender coating


Calender coating




In May 2012, Pikoasur invested on an HP HVAF M3. This installation is unique in France.

revetement calandre
Grinded calender roll with a RA of 0.03 µm.

Calender coating

hphvaf m3
roll spraying with the HP HVAF M3 process

The supersonic HP HVAF M3 spraying gun allows to produce deposits of 0.05 to 1 mm thick. Such performance can be achieved as the deposit is under compression and without porosity.

The velocity of the particles can reach 1,400 m / s. This speed provides a very hard deposit (> 1400 HV) with a bonding  strength> 75Mpa.

This equipment allows the production of tungsten carbide coatings on presses, calenders, rails, Kusters and thermos ...


revetement sur calandre
Thickness after tungsten carbide spraying on a calender roll of 1,01mm.

After grinding and polishing, this technology provides a mirror finishing with a roughness of < 0.03 µm.

Equipped with a 32 tons crane and a spraying booth of 10 m, Pikosasur is able to handle all press sizes.