Grinding of drying cylinders


Pikoasur grinds drying cylinders on site

rectification cylindre secheur
Grinding on site of a drying cylinder

Grinding of a drying cylinder

rectification cylindre secheur 2

Machining on site of a drying cylinder

Thanks to its numerous facilities and experience,
Pikoasur grinds drying cylinders in paper mill for over 10 years.

A grinding is recommended when the cylinder surface condition is deteriorated (scratches, waviness, ovalization).
If the roundness error is too large, machining followed by grinding should be considered.

Our portable and ergonomic features allow grinding in any machine (up to 12 m table) worldwide.

rectification cylindre secheur 3
Filling of porosities by Plug in

Our grinding process allows precision work (+/- 0.1mm in diameter), while getting a good final surface (roughness <0.6 µm).

In case of a porous iron, Pikoasur is able to repair these defects by plug in or spot repair.

The grinding process is applicable on drying rolls, Vac rolls, Yankees, pope reel or suction cylinders, all on site.

rectification cylindre secheur 6
Machined and grinded drying cylinder