Machining, grinding and coating on a Yankee

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revetement enrouleuse
Tungsten carbide spraying on a Yankee cylinder

Machining, grinding and coating

cylindre yankee
Grinding of a Yankee cylinder

Whether the profile of a Yankee is straight or curved,
Pikoasur can machine, grind and coat these cylinders on site.

In May 2012, Pikoasur invested on an HP HVAF M3, to make in situ coating of tungsten carbide or chromium carbide.

Advantages of these coatings:

  • Wear resistance (designed to be doctored)
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Final roughness after polishing Ra <0.1 µm


cylindre yankee
Spraying on a Yankee cylinder

The HP HVAP M3 installation spraying up to 30kg / h (for
your information, an HVOF sprays  3.5 kg / h) realizes
coatings on large surfaces in a short time and it significantly
reduces machine stops.