Grinding on site of a drying cylinder

Pikoasur realizes machining and surfacing of dowel cylinders on site

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Machining of a dowel dryer with false bearing

Machining of a dowel dryer

Machining on site of a dowel cylinder is performed following 2 processes:

  • Rotating cylinder and stationary tool
  • Stationary cylinder and rotating tool.


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Machining of a dowel dryer by axle turning machine

In case of repair of a bearing, the cylinder rotation is difficult. Therefore, Pikoasur invested on three rotating machines :

axle turning machines that don’t need to make the cylinder rotate. The realization is easier and especially shorter.

However, for some applications, such machines cannot be used.

Pikoasur has the equipment necessary to ensure :

-the rotation of the cylinder

-the adaptation of a false bearing end pin

-the use of a cross table for machining.

In both cases, reloading at the original side is feasible and


Our 5 oxyacetylene spraying installations allow work on several cylinders simultaneously and thus reducing operate time.

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Machining of a dowel dryer by axle turning machine

The procedure of realization is as follows :

-Machining by mini bleach and preparation of the surface to be treated:
-Reloading by metallization 13% chromium
-Machining to final side

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Reloading of a dowel dryer