HP HVOF Spraying



The Carburflon® coating is the solution to problems of fouling and corrosion.


Pikosasur has a supersonic spraying installation HP HVOF, unique in France, for performing deposits of 0.05 to 1 mm thick.

Such performance can be achieved as the deposit is in compression and without porosit.

The particle spraying speed can reach 1,400 m / s. This spraying speed provides a very hard deposit (> 1400 HV) with a tearing strength> 70Mpa.

In 2011, the group invested on a cooling system, unique in France. The control of the temperature of the sprayed parts being an asset.

Spray booth

The coating is carried out without interruption between layers which avoids the defects in the deposit and increases productivity by reducing the performance time.

The IT management of the cooling system provides visualization and acquisition of real-time data during the performance.

Feasible deposits with this technology:


                                                                              -Chromium carbide

                                                                              -Tungsten carbide

                                                                              -Chromium nickel

Tungsten carbide spray on press gland bushing                                                                               

We propose to our customers’ needs adapted solutions :

                                                                                                              -resistance to aqueous corrosion

                                                                                                              -resistance to high temperature oxidation

                                                                                                              -resistance to acid corrosion

                                                                                              -resistance to wear by abrasion, erosion, cavitation,

                                                                                                               fretting, adhesion

Room temperature measured by                           -thermal, electrical, magnetic or conductive

a thermal camera                                                             insulation.