Repair of spreader rollers

Since 2000, Pikoasur repairs spreader rollers. With more than 80 repairs a year, the company is involved in all types of rollers (Mount Hope, Stowe, Wittler, Tuvasa, Gorostidi, Kickert, Finbow, Technomec, Irga, Pastex, Hansen, Tevo, Roberc, …) and knows the main causes of damage.


Rubber sheathed rolls

rouleau deplisseur

Repair of spreader rollers with rubber sleeves:

  • Machine speed
    • V< 400m/min simple sleeve
    • 400 < V < 600m/min sleeve with textile reinforcement
    • 600 < V < 1000 m/min sleeve with metal reinforcement
  • Wet end
  • Low temperature


Rolls with metal segments

rouleau deplisseur

Repair of spreader rollers with metal segments:

  • Machine speed > 1000m/min
  • Temperature > 120°c



Pikoasur repairs rolls of all brands


rouleau deplisseur robec
rouleau deplisseur tevo
rouleau deplisseur wittler
rouleau deplisseur stowe
rouleau deplisseur finbow
rouleau deplisseur mount hope
Mount Hope

Pikoasur offers adjusted solutions for all kind of rollers, with its 10 years of experience, :

  • Rollers in a very corrosive and humid environment
  • Rollers placed after the infrared
  • Rollers  running at very high speeds (up to 2500m/min)

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